Reputation Management

We Respond specifically focuses on what others are saying about your business online. Your reputation management specialists can easily help you respond correctly to all kinds of reviews and where appropriate create positive content to override the negativity.

Why Is The Reviewer Important?

When a guest gives you feedback in person, whether positive or negative, you listen and acknowledge them. As social media continues to grow, so do online reviews. More and more people are talking about their experiences online, and broadcasting their opinion to thousands of potential visitors.

What We Do

  • Monitor Every Review
  • Respond To Every Review
  • Pass On Actionable Feedback

Custom Web Portal

We Respond uses a custom platform suitable for any sized business, which gives you an in-depth overview of your online reputation. This enables you to analyse the feedback about your business, and identify trends. This feature is especially powerful for multi-location sites.

What It Does

  • Reporting
  • Unlimited Users
  • Internal Communication


Take Action

By having all the review data in one location, We Respond makes it possible to track the performance of your business, and staff, over time. You are also able to entice customers to provide more information through custom surveys.

What It Does

  • Track Performance Over Time
  • Custom Keyword Reports
  • Create Customer Surveys
Our Reputation Management works for you.

How to Get the Crazy Out

Everyone has them – those 1 star, YELLING ON CAPS LOCK reviews that are an eyesore on your page. If you’re wondering how to deal with those loudly negative reviews, just know that you’re better off not poking the bear. MIT nerds have crunched the numbers and found a high correlation between responding to those types of customers and shooting yourself in the foot. Deciding which ones are the ones to avoid can be difficult but our highly experienced team can make this decision when we help you with our reputation management services.

Luckily for you, people who have mastered the art of the lowercase keystroke are the ones that are writing the majority of online comments. These are the folks worth listening to and engaging with because these are the users that make local search sites such powerful marketing channels and valuable sources of feedback.


Ratings Impact Sales

By now, you’re probably aware that online ratings influence potential customers’ purchasing decisions and store visits. Which is just one reason to invest in reputation management. But do you know just how much of a quantified impact these ratings have on sales? Many studies, spanning a wide range of large and small businesses and industries, have reached the same basic conclusions:

A A Harvard study on restaurantsHarvard study on restaurants showed that a difference of one star in ratings translates to 9 percent difference in sales.

A study by Volkswagen showed that its dealerships with average ratings of 4 or more stars got a whopping 32 percent increase in traffic compared to those with 2 stars or less.

Research by Cornell University’s Hotel School showed that, as long as a hotel was rated a star higher, an 11.2 percent price hike would not negatively affect sales!

The bottom line is that there is a bottom line.

Engaging Customers Makes a Difference


One of the most powerful yet organic ways to improve your ratings is the simple act of engaging with your customers.

When you respond to dissatisfied customers, you alleviate their concerns, create the opportunity for them to change or delete their comments, and win them back as satisfied customers. By responding to happy customers and creating a rapport with them, you build customer loyalty and boost the likelihood of repeat business!

Either way, engaging with your customer base benefits you: “7 in 10 survey respondents indicated that a brand’s response to an online comment changes their perception of a brand, according to a study done by Bazaarvoice.

Based on previous experience with businesses, we can resoundingly confirm that these findings are accurate. In fact, some have explicitly stated that a good response from a brand can get 90 percent of their upset customers to do a 180 into satisfied customers.

Some factors may affect your engagement success rate, but one of the most significant is the swiftness of your response. After a few minutes, the chances of making contact plummet.

Who Can We Monitor…


We Respond can also update all the major sites like Tripadvisor, Zomato, Facebook and more so the information is accurate.

Some of the Businesses We Assist
Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder
Taco Bill

Actionable Insights

Though the crazies certainly get the spotlight, their angry rants represent a mere fraction of the total online commentary (we know for certain because we’ve crunched the data).

The majority of comments are nowhere near as extreme in nature and, in fact, contain valuable customer feedback that can help improve your business. Reputation Management services will help you extract that data.

An 11-store restaurant chain analysed their reviews and customer comments. Their discovery? Customers were unhappy about their bread being cold. In response, the chain installed heaters in each restaurant. That not only ended the negative comments, but it actually led to an outpour of positive comments about the warm bread!

For more in-depth information and ideas about creating and maintaining your business’s positive online reputation, please contact us to schedule a meeting with one of our very own expert reputation angels.


Tracking down the reviews is the first stage in making sure that all online engagement from your customers is responded to in a timely manner. We Respond uses our custom web portal to do the heavy lifting.

  • We Find the Reviews
  • Over 20 Monitored Sites
  • Web Dashboard


We Respond doesn’t just rush into a conversation. We will plan the best way to respond. Sometimes it’s easy but sometimes it requires a little more strategy.

  • We Gather Information
  • We Find Positives
  • We Write A Response


The best laid plans mean nothing if you don’t take action. Online that action needs to be taken as quickly as possible before your customers move onto their next thing.

  • Timely Response to Reviews
  • Actionable Points Returned
  • Customers Engaged With Your Business