We Respond answers FAQ's regarding their response management.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Respond will thank customers for leaving a review, however it is more than just clicking like or saying thanks. We Respond looks at the best way to make the thanks a personal message from your business to the customer. All conversation We Respond is involved in is genuine and benefits the customer and your business.

We Respond are experts at defusing a situation, by being a third party we can easily separate the emotional elements when dealing with negative reviews. We realise every business owner wants every customer to have the best possible experience but at some stage this may not happen. By using our custom systems we give you instant notification of a poor review and then allow you to update us with any relevant information. (Even if it is just to vent) We then tackle the problem head on using our years of experience to make the customers issue a little less harsh on the internet.

We Respond knows that publicly giving away vouchers or rewards for a review will result in people fishing for rewards. Once people believe they will be compensated if they leave a negative review they are less likely to leave positive reviews. The results from rewarding positive reviews can be more devastating with sites like Yelp, Zomato, Trip Advisor and others penalising your business when they believe reviews are coerced.

We Respond has a working relationship with several of the review sites which means when a review violates their terms and conditions We Respond is able to highlight that quickly to the review sites and request its removal. We cannot review poor reviews or even break the rules of the sites ourselves. Our skills lie in knowing which reviews violate the terms and conditions of the websites they are left on.

We Respond will need at least 3 months to make a difference. We are not a quick fix but by creating good relationships with customers we encourage repeat business. Also the initial setup requires a detailed analysis of where your business is present online and further building of that presence.

We Respond would be sorry to see you go. If you need to cancel please provide a written statement expressing this wish to your account manager. Your service will end 30 days from the notice and you may have a part invoice to pay.

We Respond is dedicated to making the job easier for you and we are happy to teach you what we do however we are not proffesional trainers however we have a company we recommend called Let Us Respond who are experts at training you on how to do it yourself.

Signing up to We Responds services is really easy just get in contact with us. An account manager will take you through all the steps to make sure we deliver the best possible package and price for your business.

We Respond has offices in Melbourne Australia and Christchurch New Zealand. But we know you are busy so all of our team are mobile. Thats right we will come to you.

We Respond craft custom packages for our clients. This means as an agency we can give you access to our platforms at a per client price. Dial up the service as you need more or cancel easily to cope with your business fluctuations.

We Respond’s response management is perfect for franchises we can work with you to create rules about how reviews are handled. We can grant access to every business owner and whats more all We Responds account management team are either Franchisees themselves or have been involved in owning/running a franchise. We know the complex nature and difficulties associated with keeping everyone in a franchise happy. We Respond also helps improve communication channels and can remove the need to track email trails when its time to deal with reviews.